Sunday, June 28

Okay so I was was tagged by Nicole and Nathan Kent! So here are 10 random things about us...
(this is going to be ruff)

1 To state the obvious I love vanilla ice cream.

2 Nate and I have moved at least once every year we have been married.

3 We can eat two packages of Oreos (One mint and the other Golden), and one package of Doritos in one sitting whether it be watching a movie or just hanging out doing nothing.

4 I work as a hairstylist on the weekends doing updos for weddings. Nate works as a door-to-door salesman. (Don't you just hate those guys!!)

5 I go to the pool at least once a day!! YA! I should be really tan but I don't look like it... until you see my tan line and it is hard to think I could have really been that white!!

6 I love listening to Christmas music. I am thankful Nate works cause I listen to it year round and it drives him CRAZY!! BUT I just can't help myself I love it!!

7 I HATE deep water and Spiders!

8 I LOVE watching my son learn. I just think it is amazing how minds work!!

9 Nathan is fearless of the water and is a little fish! Unless he is in the tub then he is not a fan!

10 I love moving around every summer but I am alittle bit more homesick this year! Last year I didn't get home sick at all!!

Yes, I finaly made it through 10 things! Now it is your turn:

Jenn Anderson
Amy Anderson
Ginger Gugelman
LaReta Gugelman
Cindy Anderson
Devyn Spencer

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