Monday, July 6


So we went for a walk the other day and Nathan wouldn't let me take the pink purse from him so we walked around and through rocks with it!!
I just bought him a new bag (a monkey back pack, he likes it) and I am getting another one soon.

These lizards are everywhere. I always feel like I am going to step on one!!
We love to go swimming! I think I got everyone but we have lots of fun!

He dragged our frinds towel in the pool!! Sorry Mellissa!


The Bunnell Fam said...

So cute! He has gotten big!

The Coonsters said...

Where did he get that purse... How cute is that. Oh, he is so cute. Give him kisses and hugs o.k.. Love ya!

Devyn said...

He is such a doll! LOVE the purse... sooooo funny!!! miss you! love you!!

Ken and Cindy said...

Nice purse! Grandpa wants one just like it. I can't wait to give you all hugs and kisses.