Friday, April 29

Thursday, March 24

Houston Zoo!

We went to the zoo! It was a ton of fun. There were alot of elementary schools there so we were able to see the animals moving around. They had alot of workers out feeding the animals and giving animal facts. Nate and Addison loved to see the animals up close and moving! Well the rhinos were the only ones not moving.

Addison and Nate love to play at the park there. It was covered so it made it a nice break from the heat!

Nate was off in his own world climbing, sliding, and running!!

The elephants were really neat! The baby is 6 mo. and over 700lbs! The mom was putting on a nice show for us. Opening her mouth, lifting up her feet, turning, backing up and then getting feed.

Nate really wanted a picture with the fake elephant. So I told him to go up there and this is how he sits. What a little poser! I love it. The guy behind us was laughing and saying "look at that little kid, he is posing all by himself."

And then we came to the African huts. Nate was supposed to get a picture of me and Addi, but obviously that didn't happen! So instead we get the pictures where he was trying to be really scary and then he started laughing at himself!

These chimpanzee's were really cool! There were 10 of them all out together. It was the first time that they had all been out together. They use to be used to do commercials and things until they were donated this last October to the Zoo. So they moved around alot, and there was one that kept coming over and running by the window when alot of people came by. There was 5 girls and 5 boys. Addison wanted to stay there.

The lions were being feed by this fence while a worker talked about them for a class. Addison wanted to be right up there to see, it was pretty cute!

The got a picture of the class, and the lions posed for the camera!

Friday, June 11


So Nathan wanted to play the Wii and I told him he needed to eat some cereal before he played. He was so tired and I knew he wasn't going to last long. When he sat down he instantly was falling asleep. The last video's I did we dark and and this one is to. I could see them on my computer but when I checked it with someone else's I couldn't see anything. So I hope you can see this one. Right after he was done eating I told him if he would lay in bed for five minutes to rest he could go play his game if he got up...I know I am mean but it took him about 2 minutes to fall asleep for the night.

Sunday, May 30

For Grandma's missing their grandkids!

We all went to the Alligator Park! It was a ton of fun and we saw a lot of alligators!

Running to the car from the alligators!

Well who knows where the captions to these pictures are actually going to go so I stopped writing them. Hope you have fun just looking at them and two of the video's aren't supposed to be there but I can't tell which ones are the right one to delete. I hope you can see them some are dark but Nate is pretty funny. In one of them Nate was driving me nuts because he wanted me to blow up his balloon over and over so he could let the air out. After the 15th (or so) time I told him I was done and he can just play with the balloon blown up. He didn't like that idea and started to whine. I nicely told him he needs to not talk back to me and he needs to listen to what I am saying to him, and I was done blowing the balloon up. Needless to say he didn't think that was very nice. LOL! These video's are kindof lame but they are for the grandmas cause I know you guys are missing seeing them.