Friday, June 11


So Nathan wanted to play the Wii and I told him he needed to eat some cereal before he played. He was so tired and I knew he wasn't going to last long. When he sat down he instantly was falling asleep. The last video's I did we dark and and this one is to. I could see them on my computer but when I checked it with someone else's I couldn't see anything. So I hope you can see this one. Right after he was done eating I told him if he would lay in bed for five minutes to rest he could go play his game if he got up...I know I am mean but it took him about 2 minutes to fall asleep for the night.


Nicole and Ryan Wilder said...

hahah that it so funny. He was a real sleepy boy! Must have been worn out from all that pool time!

Rachel said...

Too funny. I love how whenever he'd fall asleep, he'd catch himself, and then make a sudden movement to wake himself back up. What a little man. He's so grown up now! =-}

Katie Lee said...

Lisa that is hilarious! I had a video of tebbin doing the same thing... eating chicken nuggets in his high chair and falling asleep in the middle of eating. unfortunately it got erased somehow! :( It seems like I never get to see you! We really need to get together when you are back in town!