Wednesday, June 17

Oh boy...I wish my internet was consistent!!

This past week has been crazy. I've been sick, Nate is developing a very beautiful attitude. When he gets real mad he throws him self on the floor and bangs his head off the floor two or three times. I just look at him and ask him if it hurt and he reply's "Yes, hurt!" and that is that. Today I was talking to LaReta on the phone and Nate wanted me to stop so he lays down on the cement floor realizing it is harder than carpet and hits his head on the cement, fairly soft but gave him afew little cuts on his forhead. Sure enough 10 min. later he did it again but that was the last time I think he will do that again.

We went to Melissa's house, to visit Jaycee and Melissa, and Nathan got a hold of a bright pink cup cake purse, and he didn't want to part with it when we left. So, Melissa let us take it home, (THANKS)!! He loves it. I have some pretty funny pictures that I will post when my internet will let me! So I did the unthinkable! I bought one of those back pack with a leash on it!! I know I said I would never do it but Nate saw it and liked it so I thought I would give it a try. I still don't know how often I will have the leash part on but oh well it's worth a try. (ANYTHING TO GET AWAY FROM PINK CUP CAKE PURSES!!)

Life is going good! Nathan is doing really good, compared to last year at this time he has doubled his sales. He is enjoying managing, it's stressful at times but he does a good job!! Houston is really really hot! We almost got to 100 degrees yesturday!! I don't know how he does it!


The Coonsters said...

Yes, those leash things are really cute. It's when your little one gets down on the ground and starts barking like a dog that you will wonder. Really though I think it is a wonderful invention. Love you guys.

Googs said...

Your internet would be consistent if you would pay for it! Really no grounds to complain if it is free.

Nicole and Ryan Wilder said...

haha at first when your were talking about Nate I was thinking the other one. lol It gave me a good laugh.

jenn said...

i am so missing you! (: how many days until you have a phone?