Friday, March 19


Well, last friday we packed our car and at 4:30am saturday morning we loaded our kids in the car and took off to Texas. They both were amazing. Nate had cars, books, handy manny tools, coloring books, and FOOD, to keep him occupied. Addison just hungout and only fussed when she was hungry or the sun was in her eyes! It was awesome. We drove all the way to Amarillo Tx and stayed the night there, woke up and left by 8:30am. We drove to Dallas to drop off Ryan Wilder. Once we left there we only had 3 1/2 hours to go. Nate and Addison slept for 2 1/2 hours when we hit a bit of traffic so we had to stop quickly. I was so relieved when we didn't hit the car infront of us...when we got a little bump from behind. The guys following us in our car rear ended us!! AHHH!! Nothing at all happened to the truck but $2500 worth of damage happened to our car. Thank goodness for insurance. Nate is driving around a rental and I have the truck! It has been nice to have the truck this summer. We are going to be able to get things done when I need them done. We are able to go to the park and do other things fun for our family.
Nathan is enjoying managing this summer. He has a fun group of guys to work with. Sales are going good. He was pretty nervous to start up again. But he was able to sell the first home owner he talked to and hasn't stopped yet.
The apartments are super nice. I love them. There is a hot tub and a pool here, which Nate loves. We are loving the warmer weather. Our plans for this next week are to go to the zoo, before it gets HOT, and to go to the park.
We are finally settled. The only thing I am missing is a broom!


Monica said...

I am sorry you were in an accident. I am so glad no one was hurt. Yea for swimming pools in Texas it will help during the summer. I can’t wait to see some pictures of your kids it’s been too long we need updated pics =)

The Kent Family said...

AAHH I am so mad you guys already left. I have a gift for Addison that I have had since she was born. It's kind of awkward so I haven't been able to mail it. And Nathan's sister is going to Malad next week so I was going to have her drop it off at Nate's parents in Pocatello. Dang it and now your gone. Well... I guess it will be waiting for you the next time your home.