Sunday, December 6


All of these pictures are going to be random but Hawaii was so much fun! I am so glad I was able to go. I didn't get in the water a whole lot cause I am a chicken and prego.

This is just all the guys waiting for another wave!! If we would have let them they never would have left the water.

These are different mountains we passed on our drive. In between most of the cracks were beautiful waterfalls.

Just some surfer we were watching! It was awesome!

We went out to lunch and I looked over on the trees and plants and saw huge snails so we moved one to the fence. They played with them for a while while we waited for our food.

SUNBLOCK!! I put it on in the morning before leaving my room, before we left for the beach, at the beach when we got there, and a few times while we were there and i still got fried!!

The temple was closed for construction. I wanted to go through but we couldn't. It was beautiful though!!

All the guys talked about jumping off but some didn't really want to. Then the wives started going and the men that stayed behind felt obligated to go jump! I was funny.

Sunset at Pipeline

We went to Matsumoto for their famous shaved ice. I was good but Nicole Wilder and I thought the snow shack in Rexburg was better! It was crazy how busy it was.

This was our view while we ate lunch and saw huge snails.

At the beach by our house Bryan and Nate opened a coconut and everyone ate it!

Driving in the car!

One of the fire dancers at the poly center.

This is were we stopped for lunch,where the snails were.


Cool trees

The best place to go snorkling they say. I don't enjoy my face in the water so I didn't stay out long enough to say.

More Firedancers

Getting ready to find out where we are staying.

Hunama Bay!

It's a long hike down to the bay to go snorkling.

Waiting for waves.


Even worst. EWWW

Just got done seeing the show. The fire dancers were the coolest.

Two seconds later a huge wave came in and washed everyone off the rock but me! Thanks to Doug for holding my intertube so I didn't get washed away, but he cut his toe pretty bad, sorry! That was the only time I was in the water without my tube, scary for me. I hate deep water.

I decided to round up all the wives for a picture cause none of us wanted to get wet. So we stood 5-7 feet away from the water. Sure enough a big wave came in almost knocking us all over. Sorry for getting everyone wet!

Kyle and Melissa, Nate and Me, Ryan and Nicole at the beach by our house!

I wanted to see if i could climb a coconut tree. I CAN!! It was pretty cool, I didn't dare go to high cause if i were to slip I would hit my belly. This is me heading back down. I got over there heads before I went down. I wish I wouldn't have been prego.

Hanging out at the beach, everyone (well most of us) came in for some lunch.

Nate going for the waves!


Amy said...

i know that if you weren't prego that picture of you climbing the tree would have had you siiting at the top with a huge smile on your face.
Luv ya lu. one day i will go to hawaii, yeah right:)

Katie Lee said...

soooo much fun! Hawaii looks gorgeous. I think cam and I are gonna do the cruise thing before we do the hawaii thing... but we still have a few years! You looked so cute all prego! I'm excited about your new little one. Where are you at? i want to come visit!!!