Tuesday, August 26

Swimming and Volleyball

We were in the pool two days ago with Kristen and Keri!

We went to Six Flags while we we out here! While we rode on rides Nate hung out in the stroller!

Then we went to the water park and he played in the water!

This is a bunch of bad pictures of the office playing volleyball. I did the best I could!

We had alot of fun!!


Grandma and Grandpa Googs said...

This is so fun. Looks like Mate II takes after Big Nate liking the water. Can't wait until your home so Nate II ca get to know his cousins and Grandma abd Grandpa better. Love you guys.

ABOUT US said...

Hey guys!!! I love the pics. We miss u guys a ton. Your boys is so big and the cutest thing ever. Can't wait to see u guys when u get back!

Amy said...

I love the pics. he will be walking in no time at all. I love you and am bummed that you aren't coming home but glad that you get to stay with your hubby