Tuesday, August 26

Nathan and the boys!

I am coming home!! Well the summer is coming to an end, I am heading home to Idaho Falls but Nathan is going to stay out for another month. He is heading to Virgina for post season! It will be sad but I think we will manage, at least I hope so! Well Nate is starting to get into closets, cabinets, turning on and off the XBOX360 and can crawl over that chair barrier in the picture! So needless to say it is a good thing we are coming home because he needs some friends to keep him busy and none of our friends have any kids!

Nate doesn't like wearing clothes, and I was lucky to get his pants on this day!

He loves his dog, and this is the only kind I want him to have!

Finally a SHIRT!!!

Here are some pictures of Nate and his boy cousins!!

Nate and Josh
Mckay and Nate

Benson is walking Nate

More of Nate and Josh

The Boys and their Mohawks

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Amy said...

you guys have some pretty good looking boys!!!