Friday, May 14

Hanging around the house

We like to just hang out around the house. Nate is constantly climbing on EVERYthing! Addison is growing little bits at a time. It has been so different with her, she does everything the opposite that Nate did. She eats less at a time, talks like crazy, it is amazing to me that she is a girl...well I guess I just didn't think there would be SO many differences. I don't know why, I guess I just never thought about it that often.

We have been spending our days at home the last little while. We have been drawing with chalk outside on our front patio, I bought Nate a paint set, so he paints in the grass or on my kitchen floor. We have a bug catcher that Nate uses to get bugs from the dirt. Nate also just got a bike! He loves to ride it and he fixes it with his Handy Manny tools. Addison can roll over back to front and front to back. She will scutch forward, but usually forgets she needs to lift her head up while doing it. Nate loves to hold Addi and watch movies with her. Addi is starting to eat rice cereal. She has been much happier this last week since we started. I wish I would have known I could start rice cereal at four months with Nate. He would have liked me a lot more.

We just went out to the pool today. I forgot how much I miss swimming with him, so we are going to start going out a lot more. Nate wears his floaties and a life jacket, so he goes everywhere in the pool and is starting to get pretty fast. I am burnt again. I don't know why but I tend to forget that it is a lot hotter here and there is humidity. Man how dumb can I get.

We also like to get away from the apartment complex. The Library is .5 miles away, so we walk there at least three times a week it seems. Nate like to read books and I read Nate the Great books to him at night before he goes to bed. (He introduced himself at the pool as Nate the Great to a girl, and kept telling her cause she was only calling him Nate.) They have story time at the Library. This week they read books about Kittens and then brought 6 kittens for the kids to play with. Nate kept grabbing and moving the kitten he was playing with when another kid would try to play with it. Then he told me that we needed to just take one home with us. Not going to happen.

There are a bunch of parks here. We try to go at least once a week. There is one with three sections, one for 0-2 another for 2-5 and one more for 5 and up. They also have a splash park that is a lot of fun. There is a huge pond with ducks to feed, a train that goes around the whole park. And the zoo is right next door.

Nate loves to cook with me. We have made banana bread, bread dough, pizza crusts, rolls, cinnamon rolls, mac and cheese, and sugar cookies. We froze the pizza crusts and we make mini pizzas for lunch.

I posted two other small posts before this one tonight if you want to see more!

We are missing everyone.


Amy said...

those are some good pictures

Nancy said...

oh my gosh! Can I just say that I love little Nate, he is stinking adorable!!! so cute! love your blog :)

Natalie said...

oh shoot! That was not supposed to be my mother... Nancy was supposed to be me.... NATALIE

Grandma and Grandpa Googs said...

She is so cute. Nate is growing too old too fast.We miss you all very much. Love you guys.