Wednesday, May 27

Our Past Few Days Without Dad! This one's for you Honey!

This is what we have been doing since Nathan has been gone!
It is acctually all backwards, but I didn't realize it soon enough!
So we will start with today!

Well we went for a walk to the office to get mail and pay our water bill when he saw the pool. He really wanted to go swimming I wasn't planning on it but I looked in my purse and there was a little swimmer. So I let him go swimming in just his diaper! It was late so no one but a little girl was there so I figured it would be alright. He had a blast. The video's are of nothing special just of him running around and chatting a little but I know that my mom's are missing him so enjoy!
We were in the car listening to the Jungle Book and this is what happened it is kindof dumb but I think it is funny. Hope you can hear the music.
This is just random!
Just for fun, they were trying to catch a lizard!

And alittle more of his amazing running skills!



Jumping on the chairs.

Trying to hold her hand (he gets it from his dad)!

This to is from his dad . If you look close you can see his flip flop tan lines!

No fear... if I would have had is arm floaties(??), and if I was in my swim suit and not pants he would be out with the water to his chin!

Running away.

We went to the zoo, it was allright nothing special, Nathan loved it. He loved the elephants, giraffs, and chased the birds around like crazy. We watched the monkeys forever and he liked the sea lions. We are definatly going to have to go back when you get home!




And Dad.

Dad and baby playing. We watched these two for 10 min. befor nate was ready to go.

Man the dad was UGLY! I wish I could have got his face for you.

For some reason my clear one wouldn't load so you get the crappy pic of the albino aligato

I think he liked chasing the birds the most!

He really was enjoying himself I just suck at getting his smile!!

He liked this untill he found a bird and then it was game over.

Sea Lions not to be confussed with seals! The sign in the previous picture explained all about it.

Yes I know they are HUGE!

The male elephant was by himself.

Male elephant.

And that's what I get when I ask for a smile.

Here's the females.

Baby elephant.

He wouldn't leave.


We went on a nature walk on sunday with Matt, Adrienne, Alexis and Scarlet Brown, Jonny Blaisdel, and Spencer (my brother). We had alot of fun, we saw a huge fish about 3 or 4 ft. long but we couln't get a good picture so we are going to go back another day. We were swinging on the vines ( Tarzan). We were all just talking about it not thinking we really could, So Jonny tried and it worked. We were there for 30 or so minutes. I will have to get the pictures later I didn't have my camera at the time. Then we came to this area that was going to be made into a park but it had these to things here for the bikers, and the kids went wild and had alot of fun.
Missing shoes and Nate showing off his diaper.

Scarlet and Nate!

Climbing up and trying to slide down.

Hanging out together!

Kids will be kids.

More hanging out.

Doesn't want to leave!

Looking for a bunny!

Still looking for the bunny.

These are of swimming but he was to tired by the time I got the camera out. OOPS!
He is falling asleep!

Just trying to get to the stroller.
We have been having fun but we miss Nate. We are half way through I hope you all liked the pictures. Sorry it took me so long to get them posted!


Katie Lee said...

Wow!!! Looks like you have had a blast. WE sure do miss you in Idaho! Love you lots!

jenn said...

LISA!!!! i love love love the pix! i wish that i was there ! (: you are having so much fun!
miss and love you!

Devyn said...

Goodness, you guys have been busy having fun! He is such a little cutie! I love him.. and you!

Googs said...

We miss seeing you guys, but it looks like you are keeping busy and having fun! Ginger

Amy said...

Lisa love the pics he is getting so big. I love the aligator one it was nice!!!!!! Miss ya

Connie, Amy, & Raquel