Tuesday, December 9


Well Nate II turned 1 today! We had a little party with family here at our new house!

he loved all of his toys and having his cousins here!

We were planning on making a really cool CAT(like the trackors) cake BUT we have been painting and cleaning and unpacking all day today that he got a COOL fruitloop cake!! Okay I know that is really stupid but hey Nate liked it!!
I put the frosting on while the cake was still hot SO by the time we got around to singing to him the fruitloops were melting out of place!

It was a ton of fun! Nate II got a truck, a basketball set, a football, clothes, and more stuff just look at the pictures for everything! He seemed to like everything!

I think he likes the swords the best! He loves to sword fight!

He got a cool cow bowling set!

He has been throwing a ball in his toy box and kept wanting me to fish it out for him so we bought him a basket ball set!

We just moved into our apartment these last three days and we have been painting and getting everything ready! We are finally done!! Well we have a few things left to do but they can wait! It feels good to be back in Idaho... at least for the next 4 months!


Monica said...

He is such a cutie! I can’t believe he is already 1!! Since he got everything for his birthday what’s Santa going to do???
oh I Love all the colors on your walls..

jenn said...

lis!! i cant wait to see you!!!! i wish i could have been there. you know i love you guys!

Googs said...

Thanks for inviting us, we had a lot of fun!!

The Reeder Raiders said...

Lisa, Nate is a handsome little man. He looks happy with all his toys.
Hope you have a good Christmas.

jenn said...

lis- what room are you painting orange??? anyway, i get to see you in about a week!!! hallah! (: miss you all

Becca said...

Oh my! I want to PINCH that kid! He is ridiculously cute, Lees. You and Nathan look so happy and I am happy for you. I love it that you write "Nate II"--how cool is that? I hope I get to see you on Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas!

Kat and Cam Johnson said...

I love it, he is soooo adorable. I was thinking of visiting you guys this weekend and realized you were probably busy what with spence coming home and all. But we will need to get together soon. Love you!

DEBI said...

Lisa you little boy is so cute. I can't believe any of my nieces or nephews are old of enough to have kids. Love ya, Aunt Debi