Wednesday, May 7

Leaving Kansas

It is our last day here! We are driving to Chicago early tomorrow morning and then flying to SLC and off to Pocatello for the graduations!! WOOHOO CONGRADUTATIONS JENNIFER AND RITA!! WE LOVE YOU AND YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!! Anyways then we fly to our new home in Chicago on sunday. But, here are some things that we did...that we acctually got pictures of... in Kansas City! NO, these pictures are not blurry that is just how bad it was raining! That was the biggest hail we saw but on the news it said that some places had golf ball size hail or even bigger, i was hoping we could see that but we didn't. This wasn't even that day that we had the tornado warning, the weather was worse that day but i didn't getout my camera cause i was freaking out.

Then we went to Liberty, MO and saw the RLDS church, and their temple they we pretty interesting. They have tours through their temple but they weren't open on sundays so we just walked around the outside and on the roof through the gardens. At least that is what it said but there was just a pathway and grass no flowers. Across the street from the temple was a LDS Visitors Center and we went through it and saw the Joseph Smith Movie. It was really good!

The temple was in Independence. But our main purpose for going to Liberty was to see Liberty Jail. It was really neat. Sorry that is the only picture with us in it so i guess it will have to do.

Then for our last get together with some of the guys on monday we all went out to eat at Bucca Di Beppo, it is an italian resturant and it has really really good food. Just out side of the resturant there was a hog statue and of couse all of the guys had to get on and ride it!!

And that's what we did in Kansas while we were here!!


Devyn said...

very cool. looks like you had a good time. im sure your family is excited to see you! hey, and if you stop in to see grandma have them give me a call, if im not here! we would love to see you too!!!

Hanna Terrill said...

It sounds like you have been busy! I love all of the new pictures. Your boy is getting so big! Safe travels!!

Kat & Cam Johnson said...

I'm glad you are having so much fun over there! But we do miss you here in Idaho. Your little boy is gonna be big by the time you get back. And I will be big too! :) haha! Love you and miss you!